The Tokelor Team is pleased to announce some of our wonderful sponsors! Without these sponsors the event would not have been possible. We would like to thank each and every single one for their generous contributions.

Our first sponsor, MVMT, has been supportive from the beginning and really helped this dream become a reality. They are a Segment Sponsor and will be highlighted first during the event.

To create promotional content for the event, we hosted all the creators in Los Angeles for an afternoon content shoot. MVMT came to the shoot and generously brought products for each of the creators.

Lyft, was also instrumental in the content shoot's success. Part of their contribution included ensuring that each of the creators had safe transportation around LA on the day of the shoot. A few of the creators had never been on the West Coast and a few of them had never used a ride share app before this experience. All of the creators were very appreciative.

Urban Stems is contributing in a big way to live event! Borrowing from The Bachelor's "Rose Ceremonies", The Tokelor will have several "Virtual Bouquet Ceremonies". Urban Stems is providing the bouquets to each of the creators as well as give aways to promote donations to The Trevor Project.

Lastly, Olipop, was also kind enough to provide product for our creators to give away before the show to inspire their communities to donate to the Trevor Project.

With less than one week from the event, The Tokelor is still open to new sponsorships and matching donations. Reach out to Zo Asmail, Managing Director of Minionz, if you are interested in getting involved.